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McGuigan Black Label Merlot x 6 Bottles

McGuigan Black Label Merlot x 6 Bottles


Colour: Deep dark red. Aroma: A lovely mix of red berry and raspberry jam aromas with a subtle scent of cinnamon and vanilla. Palate: McGuigan Black Label Merlot is a soft and flavorsome wine with ripe fruit flavors of raspberry, cherry and plums. This is nicely integrated with the subtle oak characters of caramel and vanilla characters. Food: The soft velvety texture of merlot makes it a great partner for a range of dishes featuring red meat, pork and chicken. Notes: Merlot was originally used as a blending variety, often forming the major component. It tends to be lower in tannins, thus adding some softness to other more powerful reds. Recently it has become increasingly popular as a single varietal. Australian merlots come in many styles although all predominantly feature rich plum flavors. On its own, merlot produces a smooth rich wine and this is a prime example. To achieve this style the fruit was sourced from both our irrigated and dry-grown vineyards. Harvest was carried out in the cool of the evening and the fruit was crushed and fermented on skins. The wine was then matured in both tank and oak before filtering and bottling. 
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