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Mcguigan Black Label Red

Mcguigan Black Label Red

Color: Plum with brick red hues. Aroma: Delightful aromas of cherry and blackberry fruits matched with a hint of spice. Palate: The first thing you notice about this wine is the lovely berry and spice aromas. Following this is he wonderful flavors of spicy plum, cherry and blackberry that flow through the mouth, resulting in an approachable fruit driven wine with a smooth and mouth filling finish. It is nicely balanced with great fruit characters and a persistence of flavor. Food :Our famous Black Label Red is a very versatile wine that is especially rewarding with tomato based Italian, spicy Asian food and pizza. Notes: Rich and flavorsome red wines have been an Australian favorite for many years. This classicred wine is no exception and was blended to achieve exactly this. The McGuigan Black Label Red is a very consistent wine which has made it an all time favorite and one of the top selling branded red wines in Australia. The fruit for this wine is sourced from our vineyards in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Fermentation was conducted in stainless steel using a selected yeast strain over a seven-day period. Post-fermentation, the wine was matured and blended allowing the winemaker to create this smooth, approachable fruit-dominant wine. 

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