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Peroni Italian Beer Glass Bottle

Peroni Italian Beer Glass Bottle

24 Btls x 330ML
Brewed from the finest spring planted barley malts, has a unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma arising from the hops of the most exclusive varieties. Young, balanced and sparkling, Nastro Azzurro is the beer for the knowledgeable and demanding consumer.

Nose: Unusual aniseed, herbal character.Palate: Bittersweet, but fairly thin for the strength, with herbal notes from the hops, including more hints of aniseed or fennel.Finish: A modest, papery swallow but then lots of sappy bitterness and dryness from the hops.

Best before : October 31st 2017
Normal Price: S$128.00
You Save: S$39.00 (30%)

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