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Scavi & Ray Moscato Spumante
Scavi & Ray Moscato Spumante

Scavi & Ray Moscato Spumante

The muscat grape is one of the oldest grapes in Italy, and around the world. The Romans loved the muscat and treated it as a noble wine. SCAVI & RAY MOSCATO is produced in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. The classic drink, made from white muscat grapes, is back in trend and has become a must-have drink at hip parties across New York. SCAVI & RAY is bringing this trend to a wine glass near you! The SCAVI & RAY MOSCATO SPUMANTE is not only about the glamorous, stylish packaging it comes in, but also about the refreshing, tingling taste. For the perfect serve, enjoy chilled on the rocks out of a wine glass with a lemon zest garnish so that the intense muscat aromas and its fine, light sweetness can unfold. This wine is an innovative product for a distinguished target group that appreciates premium quality.

Alc: 7.5%
Normal Price: S$35.00
You Save: S$12.20 (35%)
On sale:S$22.80

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