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Togouchi Japanese Whisky NAS
Togouchi Japanese Whisky NAS

Togouchi Japanese Whisky NAS

Togouchi Blended Japanese Whisky is adored for its oak, spicy notes, sweet and peaty flavor notes. This Japanese Whisky is carefully distilled at Chugoku Jozo distillery, Japan. A grain whisky with different features, which is not only an unblended whisky with a soft sweetness but also an unblended whisky with rich minerals and grains. It is a blended malt whisky with a well balanced peat aroma and a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. Togouchi whisky have been finished with a light flavour but comes with a strong mouth feel. For Maturation, first fill and second fill bourbon cask & American oak are used.
Normal Price: S$128.00
You Save: S$60.00 (47%)

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