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Ponte Villoni Prosecco
Ponte Villoni Prosecco

Ponte Villoni Prosecco

Everyone loves Italian Prosecco bubbles and this one is no exception, light straw-coloured with green hints. Delicate, semi-dry and fruity with a fresh, pleasant and well-structured on the palate with a persistent fruity finish.

Grape Variety – 100% Glera, ABV 11%

Wine making    Charmat/ Tank Method.  After the grapes are harvested in the middle of September, they’re brought to the winery and cold pressed to retain as much flavor as possible. The skins, stalks and seeds are separated and sent to a distillery for the production of Grappa; the juice is filtered several times before undergoing its first fermentation in an open tank.

The wine then undergoes its second fermentation. Yeast and additional sugar are added to the still wine in custom pressurized tanks. As the yeast consumes the sugar, it produces carbon dioxide. The specially designed tanks trap this excess gas in the wine, making it sparkle. Once this process is complete, the wine is filtered and bottled, ready for you to enjoy.

A pale yellow wine with flecks of green, this wine is medium-bodied and harmonious. Light and fruity on the palate, this fragrant wine is rich with the flavors of apples and pears.

It’s delicious as an aperitif and with dessert, but also give it a try with Thai or other east Asian dishes.

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You Save: S$13.00 (39%)

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